2017 meeting (Lyon / StEtienne, November 2017)

Our second meeting took place on 9 and 10 November in Lyon and Saint Etienne (France).

After a get together lunch in Part Dieu neighbourhood, we held a first technical workshop on Thursday afternoon in Lyon administrative center ; then we discussed about various safeti issues adnd layouts design related to tramways.

On Friday morning we were kindly hosted by Gilles Fily (St Etienne Métropole, PT authority) and Rémi Delpierre (STAS, PT operator) in STEM office for a presentation and a visit of the local tram network.

Back to Lyon by train, we had a second workshop in Cerema TV’s building to gon on sharing around some more presentations

Here are the attendees of this 2nd UTF annual session :

  • Céline AVRIL (Cerema, France)
  • Dominique BERTRAND (Cerema, France)
  • Laetitia FONTAINE (STRMTG, France)
  • Lars FORSTING (Metro Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Perceval GAILLIARD (STRMTG, France)
  • Carlos GAIVOTO (Carris, Portugal)
  • Amal KAMMACHI (STIB, Belgium)
  • Axel KUEHN (Consultant, Germany)
  • Anthony Loui (Los Angeles Metro, USA)
  • Marine MILLOT (Cerema, France)
  • Franck MONTI (Cerema, France)
  • Margarita NOVALES (A Coruna University, Spain)
  • Michael ROSENBERGER (RPS, Germany)
  • Christian SAUTEL (Cerema, France)
  • Manuel TEIXEIRA (Porto municipality, Portugal)
  • Thibault TESTEMALE (Trames Urbaines, France)
  • David WALMSLEY (United Kingdom)
  • Tony YOUNG (TYC, United Kingdom)

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