2018 meeting (Dublin) - Upcoming (28-29 November) !

Our meeting will be hosted in Dublin by Transport Infrastructure Ireland, thanks to Reddy Morley.

The schedule has now been fixed, however we still need information about your travel details and attending to set up the meeting as well as possible !

Here’s the list of attendees.

In the meantime, you can have a look at the agenda.

As you may know, Laetitia had to cancel UTF activities facilitation, due to her professional move ! But STRMTG does not give up ... so Perceval Gailliard from the tramway division is succeeding her !

Schedule and agenda

Regarding first answers we’ve got, it seems most of people should arrive on the 27th (evening) Then we propose to start our meeting wednesday 28, at last at 10.00 am.

On the second day (29), we could set a large half-a-day session, in order to allow people to get back in the afternoon if they need.

what’s on the table (agenda) !?

A presentation and a technical visit of (local) LUAS system will be organised by our host. In addition, we intend to set up 2 workshop sessions, while some presentations and discussions are expected...

So we are waiting for your proposals ... To do so, you

  • may react to the the present article (click on "réagir à cet article" )
  • send an email to Dominique, Reddy and Perceval

Just remind that our topic is urban insertion and safety of tramways systems ! Rolling stocks or operation issues may be accepted as far as they are linked with these topics...


UTF_Dublin_meeting_info (format pdf - 1.7 Mo - 26/11/2018) meeting place, accomodation, transportation and more (thanks to Reddy, 20/11/18)

A few links which could help :